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Green and free. Winding paths, vines escaping their trellis, wild lavender bursting, sunflowers reaching to the sky. Not neat, not manicured. Putting a hammock under the shade of an oak tree and soaking up the last month of summer vacation. The last thing I am worried about, maintaining my garden. Back to school shopping, work and vacation plans have taken priority.  A garden and your landscaping is an extension of the home and the people inside it. Sometimes the people inside are busy and don’t have time to weed the garden.  Creating a garden to be proud of doesn’t mean impressing the neighbors, it means enhancing your outdoor landscaping to extend your home’s living space.  Where do you start, what does low maintenance or un-manicured mean… those are great questions and GE Landscape Supply has the expertise, resources and products to help you get it done right.  For starters, consider the following:

When creating a garden keep these things in mind:

  • What do you love about your home?  What styles do you find attractive?

Do you like the sleek lines or original fixtures?  Maybe the color of the walls inspires you? These can all be inspiration for your outdoor space.  Whether you love rustic French architecture or the simplicity of Japanese décor, these styles can be brought outside. Personal style can be reflected in plant type, water features and outdoor living furniture. Planters are also a great way to bring your style into the garden with a pop of color. Even some fun lawn art can make your outdoor space feel more like home.


  • How much time do you want to put into maintaining your garden?

Are you someone who gets excited to plant but then doesn’t want to touch a spade until next year? Or maybe you’re a self-proclaimed perfectionist that won’t allow one dandelion to ravage your petunias? Be realistic about the time you can spend working in the garden. There’s no shame in working long days and needing to relax in front of TV.  If you spend every weekend cheering on your little leaguer, that weekend weeding will have to wait. Consider using landscape fabric or mulch for hassle free weed control. There are plenty of options to make the amount of time you spend enjoying your garden more than the amount of time you spend working in it.


  • What will you be doing in your garden?

Are you’re looking to create a cozy place to curl up with a book, create the largest vegetable hauls your neighbors have ever seen or a romantic space to have a backyard wedding for your best friend - gardens can be venues that extend the best moments of life outdoors. Will you need a long winding gravel pathway to chase kids around? Would you rather be shielded by a thick layer of vines to chat with friends on the patio? Do you need pavers to create a landing for your family picnics? Maybe you need a fire pit to create a space for late night s’mores or simply need a decorative rock walkway between your tomato plants, these are some of the things you need to think about as you plan your living space.

Whatever your style, no matter how much free time you have- your garden can reflect your lifestyle. With a little hard work, you’ll be enjoying your home’s outdoor extension for some of the best moments of life. When you’re ready to start creating your home’s botanical or hardscape expansion, GE Landscape Supply is here to help.  We all have to start somewhere.  Why not lean on our experienced landscape designer, Nick Engel, to help masterplan?  Or, if something as simple as more top soil and mulch for your flower beds, we are here to help you extend your living space and personality outdoors.



Published: August 5, 2017