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Your Pond - Maintenance Tips

Your Pond - Summer Maintenance Tips
Under the category of "most obvious statement of all time"...  it has been pretty hot lately!  We have the ability to retreat indoors to the comfort of air conditioning but what about your water feature and the life that lives in it?  Join us at GE Landscape Supply on July 29th from 10am-11am as we share some professinal tips and expertise on how to care for your pond or water feature. Want a sneak preview... here are a few tips in advance:  

  • To help keep your pond cool and well oxygenated, consider adding a waterfall, fountain, or aerator. Higher oxygen levels help control algae. Adding lilies, parrots feather, water lettuce, and water hyacinths will also help provide shade to keep water cooler.
  • If you plan to be away on a summer vacation, it's wise to clean all filters and have someone check your pond every 2-3 days. You can install automatic feeders to provide your fish with food during your absence, but it is prudent to also have a person check in to make sure vital pond equipment such as your pump is functioning properly.
  • A skimmer filter captures floating debris before the trash works its way into other filtration devices. Keeping your skimmer filter properly maintained and free of debris means less bio-load, more efficiency and less cost to operate.
  • Monthly it is a good idea to clean filters and pumps, add mosquito control as well as plant fertilizers.  Monthly filter cleaning involves rinsing out the pump and mechanical filtration (sponges or pads) in the filter. If biological filtration needs cleaning, make sure the rinse water does not contain chlorine and the media is not left out to dry. A filter that requires frequent cleaning is an indication that your pond is exceptionally dirty and may require a larger more powerful filtration system.
  • Plants become more vibrant with fertilizer but blooming ones are more prolific if they get fed monthly. Usually 3 plant food tablets per lily or lotus is recommended. Use less for bog plants. Mosquito control, such as Mosquito Dunks, is recommended if the surface is stagnant in some areas of your pond.

Published: July 25, 2017