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Winter Weather... Reduce Slips and Falls

Snow packed sidewalks, icy driveways, slippery patios… It must be winter in Nebraska! It can be difficult to leave your home, but it does not have to be dangerous. GE Landscape Supply has several options to help you combat the snow and ice. Explore the options to help you determine which product is best for your home’s needs. When it comes to winter, we all can use a better snow and ice toolkit.

Ice Slicer:

Ice Slicer is a rock salt variety that is child and pet friendly. Ice Slicer melts ice and snow quickly in temperatures as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit. Its large granules also increase traction, making it an excellent addition to your winter weather toolkit. Watch our video to see Ice Slicer in action.

Source: Ice Slicer


While sand does not melt ice, its abrasive texture helps provide much-needed surface traction at any temperature. If the temperature is dipping below zero degrees, sand is a great option to help reduce slipping and sliding.

50/50 Blend:

A 50/50 blend of Ice Slicer and road gravel or sand serves multiple purposes. The Ice Slicer melts the ice, and the sand or gravel prevents new ice from forming while providing traction. This combination can be a valuable tool to help combat repeated thaw/freeze patterns. 

Crushed Limestone:

After the snow melts, you might find your rock driveway is full of ruts and puddles. 1” or 1.5” of crushed limestone can help minimize these problems and create smoother and cleaner trips to and from the street. Check out this video to see what a fresh layer of limestone can do for you.

Get yourself ahead of the next storm and stop by GE Landscape Supply or call (402) 467-1627 to schedule a delivery or discuss which options are best for your winter weather toolbox.

Published: January 11, 2021