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Want a low-maintenance yard?

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn, but who really loves taking care of it? If you are a homeowner that dreads the upkeep of your lawn, here are some simple tips on how to spend less time taking care of it & more time relaxing in it this summer.

1. Switch to a xeriscape - Xeriscape is a landscape and garden design that reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation, so it not only saves water but it is less maintenance.

2. Create a pathway - Use decorative rock, pavers, or flagstones to create a walkway that needs little to no care. Find a stone that fits your style and you’re on your way.

3. Plant perennials, trees, and tall grass-  These plants are beneficial to your garden because there is no re-planting needed. Each will grow with little maintenance, maybe just a little watering now and then.

4. Spruce up pots and planters - A splash of color from a pot or planter makes for a quick and easy landscaping fix. Pick a color-scheme that adds a fun pop of color to be a low-maintenance focal point.

5. Make a rock garden - The advantage to a rock garden is that it is very low maintenance because it never needs tending to in anyway whatsoever. Use a boulder to make a bold statement or as an accent to your landscape.

6. Go for mulch - It not only looks great, but it acts as a protective barrier for your plants. Mulch suppresses weeds and retains moisture, so you do not have to pull weeds or water as often.

7. Mow Frequently-It will keep your grass healthy while giving it a nicely manicured look. Be sure to keep your blades sharp and to mow high. In the end, this will save you time from trying to revive a dead lawn.

We hope that these simple tips for your landscaping will make for big results. Now is the time to enjoy your outdoor space without all the hassle. If you want some more guidance, stop by our shop or give us a call at (402) 467-1627.

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Published: June 27, 2018