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Top Landscaping Trends for 2020 and Beyond

It’s time to get inspired!  Take a look at these top landscaping trends for 2020. Small yards, wide spaces, and cozy nooks... there is something for everyone in this list of the top landscaping and gardening trends for the upcoming year. Let’s dig in!

#1. Gardening Vertically – If there’s nowhere to go but up when you have a small space, gardening vertically is the best and easiest way to add some green to your fence or walls without taking up yard or floor space.

#2. Seating – Clever seating has the potential to maximize any outdoor area and helps create points of interest. Multi-purpose built-in corner seating allows you to use every inch of space, and it can be a sneaky way to include extra storage.

#3. Patio Pavers – Any space will look gorgeous and feel more unified with patio flooring from Techo-Bloc. These pavers are designed for beauty, strength, stability, and will last a lifetime.   

#4. Lighting – Whether your space is large or small, lights are great for creating warmth and highlighting unique features. Turn your yard into an entertainment space that lasts well into the night with these beautiful lighting ideas.

#5. Dividing Spaces– Instead of trying to fight the changes of terrain, use it as a way to separate your space into unique living areas.  When divided into multiple small areas, it often has the effect or illusion of making your yard seem larger.

#6. Entertainment Outdoor entertainment areas can be both stunning and functional. Focal pieces like an outdoor bar or fire pit are great for getting people together and creating an enjoyable atmosphere.

#7. Color – When decorating a space, it’s important to not go color-crazy. By limiting your color, your yard will feel light, airy, and more cohesive. We recommend sticking with a monochromatic color scheme, perhaps Pantone’s Color of the Year - Classic Blue.

#8. Low Maintenance – We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… Low maintenance is the way to go in any space. There’s nothing quite like a no-fuss landscape. We suggest pavers, flagstone, and mulch from GE Landscape Supply. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful.

We’re are excited about these trends in 2020! It’s not too early to start planning, let us know how we can help you Dream it. Design it. Build it.

Published: January 10, 2020