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Take Your Living Space Outdoors

What's keeping you from taking your living space outdoors? What's keeping you from making your yard an extension of your personality?  Does your yard look like every other yard?  If you are struggling to answer those questions, let me suggest a new approach to how you have been landscaping. For starters, why not embrace the growing trend of low-maintenance landscaping and plantings?  Across the country, homeowners are taking a more natural approach to outdoor space.  Ideas might include:

  • Add decorative rock to create rain gardens in the natural waterways around your home.  A dry creek bed feeding into an area where runoff rainwater collects is an effective deterrent to erosion and constant reseeding.
  • Add plantings that require less water and maintenance.  Natural grasses for sunny areas, hostas for the shaded spots and a variety of other species based upon the amount of daily sunshine found at your specific location.
  • Add a focal point such as a kitchen, bar, or fire pit.  Outdoor kitchens are functional and a great spot to congregate when entertaining.  There are a wide variety of fire pit options as well.  These types of outdoor features are great ways to make your home unique and can be an extension of your lifestyle and personality.

These are just a few of the many options that are available to you as you reinvent your current space or have recently become a new homeowner.  For more ideas or to schedule an appointment for some professional master planning, contact Nick or Ben at .

Published: May 30, 2017