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"ROCK" July with BOULDER FOUNTAINS... What is it about the sound of a bubbling stream or fountain that has the ability to relax the body and mind? Would you like to learn how to build a BOULDER BUBBLER or explore the wide variety of custom options that would fit your yard?  Join us on July 30th at 10:00am for a short seminar on how to build, install, and maintain a boulder fountain. This is a simple "do-it-yourself" project that almost anyone can do. We will demonstrate the steps needed regarding location, materials needed, and the minimal care needed to keep your bubbler in good working order.  This project can be completed in a couple of hours or slightly longer depending upon the associated landscaping needed to complete your project.  For more information about the upcoming July 30th seminar or to discuss options regarding use of a boulder or pot to construct your fountain, contact Nick Engel at (402) 467-1627.  

Published: January 23, 2017