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Quick Guide to Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are functional landscape projects and can add value to your home. Retaining walls have a classic style to make your landscape more dynamic through different textures and elevations. Aesthetically retaining walls are beautiful and can have an element of sophistication but they also have valuable functions beyond just looking good.

Erosion Prevention and Control

Retaining walls create a natural barrier to prevent runoff during strong rain storms. Even on a dry day if the slope of the land is too steep your soil and flowers slowly slump downwards and gravity wins. Reducing that natural slope helps prevent these messy situations.

Level it out. 

Steep hills are good for sledding and not much else. When your outdoor space lacks level ground, it makes it difficult to enjoy an outdoor barbeque or plant a garden. Retaining walls create flat terraces to make a previously unusable slope prime real estate for your outdoor activities. Terraces have been used for thousands of years in agriculture making it a tried and true method.

Less Invasive Barriers

Signal the edge of your property with a retaining wall or create outdoor rooms. Keep pedestrians and puppies on the sidewalk and out of your yard. Create an outdoor dining area that’s separate from your lounge chairs. This is a less invasive alternative than a fence, but it has many of the same functions.

An Extra Seat

Low retaining walls around patio spaces also create impromptu seating for extra guests.

Retaining walls are a great solution to common landscape problems. GE Landscape Supply has several options for retaining walls so they will match your outdoor landscape seamlessly. Whether you are a do it yourselfer or apt to hire a professional start your project with a trip to GE Landscape Supply. Our landscape professional Nick can get your project rolling with a free design consultation.


Published: May 7, 2018