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Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Cooler weather is rolling in but now is not the time to put lawn care on the back burner. If you want a beautiful lawn in the spring, there are important steps to take now before snow and low temps set in. Three simple activities can prepare your lawn for winter because as we all know…  A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself.

Mow As It Grows                                               

Although it may seem obvious, mowing is a crucial aspect of lawn care. Homeowners mow less frequently as the weather cools but it’s important to mow consistently throughout the fall. On the last mow of the season, cut your grass a little shorter than you normally would. This will prepare your lawn for aeration.


Photo: Lawn Starter

Aerate and Fertilize

Choose a day when your soil is moist, and aerate your lawn to break up the soil and prepare for fertilization. When fertilizing, make sure you’re using a slow-release, nitrogen-rich fertilizer. These types of fertilizer are great for preparing for winter, and are a great nutrient for your soil, as they will stimulate root growth.


Photo: Gardeners by Trade     

Rake It Up

While fall leaves can make for a beautiful scene, making sure they are raked is vital! Leaves covering your lawn during the cold and wet winter can smother the grass and if not removed early in the spring will inhibit growth. Excess leaves can also promote snow mold diseases. Use this time to remove other dead plants that may be in your landscape.


 Photo: Farmer’s Almanac

            The temperatures are dropping so it’s time to get the ball rolling on your fall lawn and landscape care. These three simple steps will promote a healthy lawn when spring arrives. Remember GE Landscape Supply is your best source for all things landscaping. Call 402-467-1627 and let us help you, Dream It. Design It. Build It

Published: October 19, 2022