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Pondless Waterfalls

Backyard ponds are a timeless feature that can attract wildlife to your outdoor living space as well create a feeling of tranquility and peace. For those that incorporate them, waterfalls tend to be an interesting focal point of the pond. Ever wanted a pond, a waterfall, or both in your backyard, but can’t afford the time, maintenance, or costs? An alternative is pondless waterfalls, which provide several of the same benefits ponds offer and the beauty of a waterfall, but without the consequential effort and money.


What is a pondless waterfall?

A pondless waterfall is just what the name implies; a re-circulating waterfall or stream that does not drain or filter through a pond. A pondless waterfall operates essentially the same way as a regular backyard waterfall does, but without a body of water. The water empties into a bed of gravel, underneath which sits a pump that recirculates the water back to the top of the waterfall. A pondless waterfall creates the illusion that the water is simply disappearing into the bed of gravel.


What are the benefits?

There are several reasons a pondless waterfall might suit you and your outdoor living space better than a traditional waterfall:

  • Pond-like qualities. Pondless waterfalls can be just as beautiful and create the same soothing noise as a traditional waterfall in a pond.
  • Limited space. Pondless waterfalls make use of vertical space, so they can be constructed in areas with limited room.
  • Budget. Costs of supplies and labor are generally just a fraction of those to install a full pond/waterfall combination.
  • Safety concerns. Pondless waterfalls do not incorporate pooling water, which will alleviate drowning hazards for small children and pets. Additionally, the absence of standing water means mosquitos will not be attracted to your waterfall.
  • Maintenance requirements. Pondless waterfalls require almost no upkeep. Other than needing to top it off with water every now and again due to evaporation and splash, pondless waterfalls are essentially maintenance-free.
  • On/off switch. Pondless waterfalls are able to be shut on and off at any time without upsetting the natural biological balance. Many have timers, which allows your pondless waterfall to only be enjoyed when people are home, and saves money on utilities while you’re away.


How/where do I get one?

If you have landscaping experience, installing a pondless waterfall may be a doable task. If not, the experts at GE Landscape Supply offer the highest quality pond and waterfall products as well as complete installation services.


Published: January 16, 2017