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Pavers... Are they getting the respect they deserve?

Homeowners are looking outside the box (or should I say home) for ways to expand living space.  Should they do an addition, a renovation or maybe a reconfiguration?  But, a simpler way might be outdoor pavers as a way to expand the inside of a home to the outside. Check out this Better Homes & Gardens article for more patio ideas or to find inspiration for your project. There are plenty of ways to expand your outdoor space and many material options but pavers could be the easiest and best option for you. Wood decks, poured concrete, even flagstone are products many have used or evaluated when looking to expand living space outdoors. However, there are several considerations to make when reviewing materials for your patio or path. When evaluating your choices pavers might be an often-overlooked option with a lot of potential.  They may give homeowners the flexibility needed to design and build a space ready for relaxation or entertainment.  Consider the following:

  • Traditional poured concrete patios can crack and split. Possible solutions to these problems include re-pouring the entire slab, mudjacking or repairing with patch kits. These solutions can be expensive if done right.
  • Traditional wood decks require maintenance. Whether it needs to be sealed, stained or a rotted board needs replacement, decks can require a lot of ongoing maintenance-type work.
  • Pavers are a good option because their size and weight allow almost anyone the ability to build a patio or path.  Pavers are long lasting because the joints between each paver prevent cracking of the entire surface and over time take on the look of a well-worn path found in some old world town.  If a paver does break, it is easily replaceable. Simply use a screwdriver to pry out the broken brick and replace it with another. Pavers are also made out of durable material that when properly taken care of can far out last traditional deck planks.

At GE Landscape Supply, we have a variety of colors and sizes of pavers, as well as, other materials you will need when laying your new paver patio. As always, our landscape designer, Nick Engel can help you get started with your landscape design plan. And remember we are here to help you Dream it. Design it. Build it.

Published: August 9, 2017