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No Grass? No Problem.

Dead spots, reseeded strips, brown patches… those areas in your yard where grass just doesn’t want to grow. Are you tired of the eyesore? You have options! Of course, you can dig up the thatch, haul in some fresh topsoil (we have you covered), and try again, but have you ever considered other options? The first step is to understand why the grass is not growing. Consider the following:

  • High Traffic Areas

If you have areas of your lawn that are frequently walked on, flattening your grass, and discouraging growth, creating a pathway can help remedy unsightly areas. Paths are low maintenance and can be customized to fit your style. Choose from materials like Techo-Bloc Pavers, flagstone, or gravel to create a walkway that eliminates dead spots. 

Photo: paintspeckledpawprints


  • Surfacing Tree Roots

Tree roots surfacing in your lawn can be unattractive and cause headaches when maintaining your lawn. Exposed tree roots are often the result of erosion or poor soil quality. Instead of risking damage to your tree by removing surface roots, create a decorative tree ring using a combination of building stones, topsoil, and boulders

Image: IH Landscaping


  • Poor Drainage Areas

If you frequently find puddles of water in your lawn after a steady drizzle, your grass may be suffering from poor drainage. Pooling water can cause the grass to turn brown and hinder its growth. Creating a dry creek bed with cobbles, river rock, boulders, will help with drainage and create visual interest in your lawn. 

Image: Pinterest


  • Steep Slopes

Steep slopes often create a runoff of water that cannot be absorbed by the grass and can be difficult to landscape. A great solution for slopes is a raised planting bed. Using retaining wall blocks, natural dry stack, and mulch can provide a fun element to your landscape that provides protection against water runoff. You can even do it yourself using these tips.

Image: HGTV


If you have been dealing with grass that just will not grow, don’t give up hope! There are many simple solutions that can be completed by any do-it-yourselfer. For more information or to discuss your patchy grass, stop by GE Landscape Supply or call 402-467-1627 to discuss. GE Landscape Supply is here to help you Dream It. Design It. Build It.

Published: August 28, 2020