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New Year, New Yard

The New Year brings new possibilities and opportunities. What about a resolution focusing on your home and yard? In 2019, we see backyard landscaping being low-maintenance and functional. Honestly, what more could you want for the New Year and your new yard? Here are a few trends to think about incorporating this year...

  • Backyard Patio
    •  Make the most of your backyard landscaping by adding a patio. A patio is an outdoor gathering space, so we suggest adding a sitting area or table. Our Patio Packages come with all the materials needed to get the job done. We offer three packages: The Starter Package, The Standard Package, and The Natural Package. Visit our website to learn more about each product!
  • Outdoor Kitchen, Bar, and Dining
    • Make entertaining easier by bringing the kitchen, bar, and dining areas to your backyard! If you love hosting family and friends, then this is a must-have. While a full kitchen and bar may be more suitable for year-round warm-weather climates, incorporating smaller elements like durable dining furniture and outdoor grill and cooking supplies will give you an upgrade no matter where you live!
  • Pavers
    • A paved path or patio is an excellent option for getting rid of high-maintenance grasses and plants. After all, the more space you cover with hardscaping, the less mowing and weed pulling you will have to do. Our best products for paving are Pavers and Flagstones.      
  • Potted Plants
    • If you have a backyard on a budget and want something low-maintenance plant annuals in a pot or planter. We recommend perennials and native plants that are accustomed to the climate, which means less worrying about watering, light, and temperature.
  • Foodscaping
    • There is something special about growing your own food. Gardening not only provides great exercise for the body and mind, but it also saves you money. Edible gardens can contain herbs, seeds, berries, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. If you're not sure about your green thumb, you can start out small with a few pots or planters.
  • Kids Corner
    • By the end of the long winter, many parents are ready to push their kids outside. Why not make an outdoor play area for the kids? Install a playset, yard games, or a sandbox using GEL wash sand. No matter what you end up with, it is a great way to encourage your kids to use their imagination, be active, and get outside!
  • Relaxation Space
    • Lastly, create a space just for you to enjoy. A couple of our favorite options are firepits and hammocks. Firepits are always a “hot” commodity for backyards, so we expect them to become even more popular throughout the next year. And at the end of the day, a hammock is a perfect place to unwind. Once you hang up your hammock, you can sit back and enjoy your new yard!










It is never too early to start planning! What ideas are you thinking about implementing in your yard this year? Need a helping hand, call Ben at (402)467-1627. From all of us at GE Landscape Supply, we wish you a Happy 2019!





Published: January 25, 2019