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Modern, Cottage, or ?... What’s your garden style?

Whether you have been landscaping for years or just now picking up a rake for the first time, have you considered what garden style fits your home? You’re probably thinking... “gardens have styles?” Well, yes they do. Let us show you some of the options!

Gardens can be designed with influences from all around the world as well as different time periods. Common styles you might be familiar with include: Japanese, Modern, Cottage, Traditional, Eco-Friendly, and Coastal garden styles.

Japanese Garden – If you ever have been on an evening walk and remember a seeing a beautiful garden filled with waterfalls, streams, winding paths, lakes, and floating bridges, then you were probably looking at a Japanese Zen Garden. These gardens are designed to complement both recreation and meditation. They do so by incorporating basic elements, such as water, rocks, trees, and flowers. Many of these elements are symbolic like a boulder represents a mountain and a pond represents a lake. The main goal is to capture the incredible beauty of nature. A gate or fence is often included at the entrance to remind you to leave your troubles with the outside world. Your oasis awaits.

Modern Garden – If you like clean lines with a touch of class, this style might be the one for you.  Modern gardens are designed to be inviting and artful while also minimalistic. The geometric outlay of the garden relies on dramatic decorative materials and architecture rather than the plants (less upkeep… yeah!). As a result, the plants tend to be simple, but they still should stand out on their own like a spiky foliage or an exotic succulent. For hardscaping, angular beds are usually chosen with natural materials such as concrete, granite paving, or small stones. Accessories like a bubble fountain or a reflective pool, abstract sculptures, or decorative pots and planters will create the perfect ambiance for your modern garden.

Cottage Garden - Like a classic European countryside, your garden should be flourishing and abundant. In the 18th century, gardens were planted out of necessity to provide food, medicine, and dyes. Because of the importance of the garden, every space available was utilized. This created an overflowing garden filled with an abundance of well-tended plants. With a simple layout of a winding stone path and a white picket fence, this style was easy to attain for the commoner. As it became more popular, the garden evolved into a more colorful array of flowers rather than vegetables. Cottage gardens are now celebrated for its pleasure, design disorder, and charm. Just don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.

Eco-Friendly Garden - Who doesn’t love protecting the earth? Contrary to what most people think, there are gardens that work against nature. By choosing plants that are native to the area, it will allow your garden to thrive in the environment that it is meant to be in. And lucky for you, native plants usually need less upkeep since they have already adapted to the climate. A key component of an eco-friendly garden is the wise use of water. A couple alternatives rather than spraying plants with a hose. 1. Harvesting your rain water 2. Installing a drip irrigation system. A few other simple tips to be eco-friendly are avoiding harmful chemicals, composting, setting up bird feeders/baths, and planting trees. By creating an environment that functions like an ecosystem, it will allow you to enjoy the natural sanctuary and enjoy it with the wildlife.

Traditional Garden - Traditional doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, in the past, traditional gardens were all about appearance, but today these garden are a bit more functional. This is your chance to extend your living space to the outdoors by adding a patio, barbecue, yard games, or a firepit (our personal favorite)! It is common for this style to incorporate both a flower and vegetable garden. These gardens will flourish in the spring and summer to create a profusion of color and an abundance of plantings. The main goal of a traditional garden is to bring together a well-defined and beautiful outdoor space.

Coastal Garden - I know what you are thinking… “A coastal garden in Nebraska?! Yeah, right.” Well, many families decide to take on this challenge. The lighted palm tree adds a nice tropical touch to the Midwest. It’s perfect for a cabin or by the lake. This palm tree is handmade with LED lights and rebar, but you can also find some great alternatives online, too! See ya in paradise!

Whether it’s a Modern Garden, Cottage Garden, or something in between, you have the artistic and personal freedom to create a style that works for you and your space. We encourage you to research the gardens/elements that you enjoy and contact Nick or Ben at (402) 467-1627 to begin creation of your perfect garden style.

Have you found a garden style that you love? Send it our way. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


Published: August 20, 2018