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Landscaping Trends for 2015

As spring begins to bloom in 2015, landscaping starts to come to the top of every home-owners' mind. This is the year we finally start that landscaping project we've been talking about! What should we do to change up our landscaping this year, to freshen it up a bit? OR... Last year's landscaping project was just too much work. What can we do this year to make it easier on us for years to come?

Edibles take the spotlight
Who knew, your spreads of basil and tomatoes could perform double duty as an aesthetic centerpiece for your backyard? Why not? But remember - even these need a nice place to be displayed. A retaining wall can help ensure they are put on display and kept in their own area of the yard.

KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)
Yeah, you could add lots of glitz and glam to your backyard surroundings. Showy and over-the-top designs have taken a backseat to ones that are more understated, with an excellence of craftsmanship as a backbone. No reason to plant 20 varieties of flowers when some hardscaping can last year after year and takes a lot less maintenance.

Same goes for colors
Earth tones like taupe, grey and forest green are all in demand in 2015.

The sound of running water never goes out of style
"More home owners are installing pools with salt water to decrease the need for chlorination, and some go with natural pools where rocks and plantings cleanse water. Still others opt for small fountains for the soothing sight and sound of trickling water," writes Barbara Ballinger in Realtor Magazine. "And if they want a more lavish water wall or cascade, they ask for water to be recirculated for conservation. The size of pipes can also reduce evaporation, with oversized designs slowing the velocity and loss."

Furniture made with weather-resistant cloth
Increasingly, people want to move outdoors to sit and chat, rather than inside an air-conditioned building. Home furnishing companies have taken note and supplied consumers with attractive and weather-proof cushions and chairs.

Egg-xcellent Neighbors
I've never owned a chicken, but apparently it's rather addicting (in a good way) if you can make it happen.

For my part, I'm excited to see what changes I can make to my own yard to make it more low-maintenance, and to find multiple uses for plants and hardscaping. No yard is ever perfected or completed once-and-for-all, which is part of what I love about landscaping.

Published: January 16, 2017