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Kids DIY with GE Landscape Supply

Summer is right around the corner… Can you believe that? If you are searching for something for your kids to do, check out this list of fun kid-friendly projects using GE Landscape Supply materials. (Please note: All of these projects are brought to you by do-it-yourselfers, so we know that you can do it, too!)


  • Sandbox – A sandbox can keep your kids busy for hours. All you need is a little space and some basic carpentry skills. Gather up pressure-treated boards, plywood, and deck screws. Frame your box, attach plywood to bottom, drill holes in the bottom for drainage, and add bottom and corner braces. You can also build just a box resting on the ground. Once the construction of the box is complete, measure the volume (length x width x height) and place an order for sand from GE Landscape Supply. The kids can join in by painting the outside of the box or helping fill the box with sand.

Photo: Bob Vila /


  • Painted Rocks – Before you start, you’ll need to grab a bucket and head to GE Landscape Supply. Fill up your bucket with the shape and size of rock that you like. Just make sure you choose a rock that has a nice, smooth surface. From there, let the kids grab a brush and paint and let their artistic skills shine!

Photo: Crafts by Amanda


  • Veggie Garden Bed – Gardening is the perfect excuse to get dirty, so your kids will love it! Not only is gardening fun, but it teaches kids about the growing process and teaches them to be patient. Find an area that is suitable to gardening – somewhere with lots of sunlight and near a water source. Fill the garden bed with compost soil from GE Landscape Supply and get to planting! Some easy veggies to grow: tomatoes, radishes, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, beans, and squash. 

Photo: Pinterest


  • Painted Hopscotch Pavers – Make hopscotch for your backyard! The first step is to buy pavers and tossing stones from GE Landscape Supply. Then head home to paint a couple coats on the pavers front side – let the kids get creative here! Next, add the numbers. It might be easiest to use a template for this step. Lastly, dig a path so the pavers can lay flush with the ground (no stubbed toes) and hop away!

Photo: Momee Friends of Long Island


  • River Bed – A twist on the traditional sandbox. Fill the base layer with sand then line “the river” with a mixture of small and large river rocks. Even your tree stumps and ferns can be made into fun obstacles. Lastly, add in the toys and we guarantee you won’t see your kids for a while!

Photo: Pinterest


We hope that these projects can keep your kids busy and bring you some joy, too. We’d love to see your DIY projects, so please snap a picture and send to us! We’re happy to help recommend projects or make a delivery to your home. Give us a call at 402-467-1627. 

Published: May 6, 2020