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"How To" Fix Common Yard Problems

We all have them!  The question is what do we do about them? Learn the tricks and tips needed to address those unsightly areas in your yard.  At GE Landscape Supply we have the expertise, solutions, and the products to turn an eye sore into a work of art.  Common yard problems and solutions like the following can be addressed by simply contacting one of our professionals:

ERODING SIDE HILLS:  Use a retaining wall block system, natural dry stack, or boulders to create terraces.  The terraces can serve as planting beds or you can create beautiful rock gardens.  Other options include building a dry creek bed using different sized river stone or add water to create a pondless waterfall.

POOR DRAINAGE AREAS:  Install drain tile and build-up the area with quality topsoil to improve drainage from the low spot.  A rock garden can be built in the area, which will allow water to pass through while preventing the area from becoming muddy.  Build up the area with soil and add flagstone to create a mud–free pathway.

UNDER OR AROUND TREES:  Trim the tree to the desired height.  Place a ring of block or natural stone around the tree and use mulch or river rock as ground cover.   Add a bench, flagstone, and rock to create a shaded retreat.  Building a berm, adding boulders, and other rocks can create a unique, low maintenance rock garden. 

EROSION OR CRACKING AROUND FOUNDATIONS:  Build the soil up with additional topsoil to improve drainage away from the house.  Place landscape fabric, decorative rock, and accent boulders to create a stunning planting bed.  The fabric will help regulate moisture, control erosion, and hinder the build-up of moisture in basements.

For more information regarding the solutions to your yard problems, call Nick at 402-467-1627.

Published: March 28, 2017