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A Healthy Lawn Starts Now

With cool autumn weather approaching, now is not the time to abandon our lawns. As wise people say, “the flowers that grow best are the ones that are tended”. Maintaining your yard in the fall can be crucial to having a healthy lawn the following spring! Check out these three simple reminders and tips for a healthier yard.

  1. Fertilize

It sounds simple but the first step to a healthy lawn is a good fertilizer. When fertilizing in the fall, not just any old fertilizer will do the job. You will want to use a slow-release nitrogen-rich fertilizer. This type of fertilizer is not only the perfect winter guard, but it also helps stimulate root growth.

  1. Out With The Old

Sadly, it is almost the time of year where our plants will die and leaves will fall. To maintain a healthy lawn and landscape it is important to remove all old plants and rake your leaves consistently as they fall. This part of your checklist is crucial. Clean yards and planting beds will set you up for success in the spring.  

  1. Drainage Is Critical

The wet winter weather can be very damaging to your home, landscaping, and lawn. Water has a way of finding its way to the places you don’t want it. One way to help control moisture is by installing a dry creek bed. A dry creek bed is a path of rocks and boulders that are not only great for drainage but also double as a beautiful addition to your landscaping!


The clock is ticking, so starting these projects now is important. These easy steps will ensure that you will have a healthy green lawn and landscape next spring. GE Landscape Supply is a great source for all things landscaping. Call today at (402) 467-1627 or visit our website and let us help you Dream It. Design It. Build It.

Published: September 8, 2021