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Do The Math - GE Landscape Supply vs The Big Box Store

How much money can we save the typical customer looking for landscaping materials?  Let’s first start by doing some basic math.  If you buy a product from one of your big box stores that comes in 40-pound bags, you would need 50 bags to equal 1-ton (2,000 lbs).  Let’s say you were interested in buying SAND.  The approximate cost of a 40-pound bag from one of your big box stores is $2.96 dollars.  You need fifty 40-pound bags to equal 1-ton.  Therefore the cost of 1-ton of sand would be @ $148.00 per ton from your typical big box store.  At GE Landscape Supply we sell sand for $21.50 per ton.  I know what you’re thinking… what about delivery?  We could deliver that same 1-ton of sand to your home as far away as Denton, NE for $70.00 which would make your total cost $91.50 per ton/delivered for a savings of approximately $56.50 dollars.  That is what we call a GREAT DEAL.  Hold on you say… you don’t want a ton of sand and we would say that is just fine.  You can purchase any quantity of materials!  Decorative Rock, Mulch, Concrete Fines, TOP SOIL, etc… purchase a 5-gallon bucket full if that is all you need.  More math:

  • Our LIGHT MULCH is on average $14.00 dollars less per cubic yard.
  • Our TOP SOIL is on average $20 dollars less per cubic yard.
  • Our RIVER ROCK is on average $30.00 dollars less per ton.

At GE Landscape Supply, we are in the business of meeting your landscaping needs and providing solutions to any landscaping problems you have.  If you are interested in saving some money, walking our yard to identify what product options best suit your needs, or just want to visit about how to turn your yard into an extension of you… stop by 6701 Cornhusker Hwy.  The drinking water is free, walking our yard is good exercise and in a strange way a relaxing activity.  Hope to see you soon at GE Landscape Supply.

Published: May 29, 2017