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Contractor Pricing Update 2023


Adam Beccard

GE Landscape Supply

Hello Contractors,

We hope your 2023 landscaping season is off and running. We value the opportunities over the past years to work with you on all projects whether they be large or small. We know the last couple of years have been a challenge with the availability of supplies and fluctuating costs. 2023 looks to be a more stable year and that is why we want to be proactive and give you an update on pricing and lead times. First, it looks like the supply of most items, outside of block adhesive tubes, will be returning to near-normal conditions. Secondly, we are expecting that pricing should not change much and in some instances, our rates may decrease. We remind you to please call ahead and/or check our website to see possible price changes that could impact your future projects as you prepare bids for your clients.

As always, we will continue to source quality materials at the most economical price we can find. If you have questions about our pricing, please contact Adam at (402) 467- 1627 or by email at

Thank you for continuing to be a valued partner in the landscaping industry.


Adam Beccard

GE Landscape Supply

Published: March 29, 2023