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Building Your Own Sand Volleyball Court


Volleyball is a great time whether you’re watching, knocking a ball around just for fun, or playing competitively (we especially like it here in Nebraska, go Huskers!). Ever thought about building a court in your very own backyard? Depending on how involved you want to get, the process can be relatively simple or maybe more complicated than you want to attempt on your own. Regardless of whether you choose a simple construction or a detailed, professional setup, a sand volleyball court can enhance your outdoor living space and become a hit among family and friends for some fun in the sun.



Evaluate your space

Before diving in, you’ll want to make sure you have enough space for a sand court. Traditional volleyball courts are about 30 by 60 feet, but the dimensions can be smaller for a backyard setting. There should also be enough room to have about 10 feet around all boundaries of the court and the ground should be flat throughout. Once you’ve confirmed you have enough space, you’ll want to mark the borders of your court using rope, tape, or chalk to draw lines.


After you’ve got an outline for your court, you’ll need to excavate the area 1 to 3 feet deep to essentially create a giant sandbox. One or more drainage ditches will need to be installed to prevent your sand volleyball court from becoming a mud wrestling arena when it rains. This is the trickiest part of the construction, and more detailed instructions can be found here


After excavating, you’ll need to dig two footings for net support poles. The poles should be about 14 feet long and made of wood, metal, PVC, or other materials that can withstand the elements. These holes should be 3 to 5 feet deep and the poles should be anchored with cement. 

Fill it in

After drainage piping and net supports have been properly installed, a layer of gravel (a few inches to a foot thick) should be placed in your excavation area. Next, place landscape fabric over the gravel and then deposit 1 to 2 feet of sand, depending on your needs. The quality of sand will make or break your court, so be sure to use one of the many premium varieties that GE offers.


The last step is to tie up your net, pick teams, and blow the whistle! If you’re not an experienced landscaper or dedicated do-it-yourselfer, our professionals are here to help. GE Landscape Supply offers design services as well as a large assortment of landscaping materials to provide you with everything you need to build an awesome area for recreation, relaxation, and most of all, having fun!


Published: January 16, 2017