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Beat the Boredom... Kid-Friendly DIY Projects

Beat the Boredom… Kid-Friendly DIY Projects

Summer is the best time for kids to make life-lasting memories and your own backyard is the perfect place to start!  Incorporating your kids into DIY landscaping is easy, affordable, and fun for the entire family! Check out these simple projects that are fun to build, will keep the kids entertained, and elevate the “cool” factor of your own backyard.

Water Features

Water is a great sensory element for kids and can keep them cool in the heat of summer. No need to spend lots of money or time installing a big water feature, there are many water feature options that are DIY! Water features are an eye-catching and relaxing addition to any yard. Small waterfalls, bubblers, and even rock bed streams are safe and kid-friendly options.

Photo: Pinterest

Fruit and Vegetable Gardens

Gardens are a great summer activity for children of all ages and will keep them busy as they tend to plants almost every day! Allow them to dig around in the soil with their own tools and grow their own fruits or vegetables. This can be a good incentive if you have picky eaters, as it might encourage them to try new foods! Use the fruits and vegetables you grow to make dinner as a family. Bon Appétit!

Photo: EatingWell

Natural Play Spaces

Kids need outdoor space to play, but big bulky playgrounds can be intrusive and distract from your natural landscape. Consider integrating natural play spaces such as sandboxes, tree swings, and other DIY structures. Tree stumps can be used as an obstacle course or rocks can be used for a rock climbing wall! These spaces will keep them busy while adding to the natural beauty of your lawn.



Help your child get engaged with the outdoors and eliminate the phrase, “I’m bored” with these fun DIY projects. Start creating memories with materials from GE Landscape Supply! We have all the rock, soil, and tools you need to have a fun-filled summer right in your backyard. Call 402.467.1627 or visit and let us help you Dream It. Design It. Build It.

Published: June 29, 2022