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4 Landscaping Projects that can Boost your Home's Value

4 Landscaping Projects that can Boost your Home’s Value

The real estate market is incredibly hot right now and good landscaping is an easy way to boost the curb appeal of your home. As the demand for homes increases, perfecting details like landscaping can increase the value by thousands of dollars. Similarly, when the market is slower, a home’s outdoor features can be the deciding factor for buyers.  Investing in your landscaping means more than tossing some flowers or shrubs in the ground. Taking a strategic approach to your outdoor areas can create a return on investment worth celebrating. Take a look at these landscaping improvements that can have a high ROI. 

Lawn Care is Key

It may sound simple, but a well-kept lawn is one of the most important features for homebuyers when evaluating potential homes and a starting point for all homeowners. A good yard provides a welcoming entrance for prospective buyers. Healthy yards need good soil and nutrients. You can hire a landscaping company or test the soil yourself for the needed amendments.







Photo: Unsplash

Outdoor Living Spaces

Expanding or creating outdoor living areas such as kitchens and entertainment spaces can be head turners as well. Functional and attractive outdoor living spaces are appealing to buyers because they increase the usable square footage of the house. Patios, inviting walkways, and a fire pit for colder seasons are great improvements to welcome buyers and increase home value.







Photo: Joe Dodd

Patios and Decks

If an outdoor kitchen or entertainment area is out of the question, finding a space for a simple patio area can add to your home's resale value. A wooden deck or Techo-Bloc paver patio can provide an advantage over other homes on the market that may not have any outdoor lounging spaces. This addition can be very attractive to potential buyers.






Photo: Tavernierspa

Welcoming Pathways

What’s more of an invitation into a home and potential buyers than a beautifully laid path leading directly to the front door? Try designing a pathway that will create anticipation — ideally, have it winding with plants or a small hedge on each side. If your current pathway includes a cracked concrete sidewalk, consider a flagstone path to create a low-maintenance and visually appealing welcome to home buyers.









Better Home and Gardens 

Not all projects help so do your homework! While considering what’s going to give you the best shot at increasing your home’s value, a few projects to avoid include swimming pools, concrete patios, sports courts, and artificial grass.

First impressions are everything! Many buyers fall in love with a home right as they enter the driveway. In both uncertain financial times and times of economic stability– landscaping your property is a wise investment strategy. GE Landscape Supply can lend you the tools for your desired landscaping improvements. Call us at (402) 467-1627 to schedule material delivery or with any questions you have and we’ll help you Dream It. Design It. Build It.

Published: August 24, 2021