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5 Flowers That Will Beat the Heat This Summer

Summer is just a few months away, and for those of us in the Midwest, that can mean unbearably hot temperatures.  The summer heat may cause your electric bill to suffer, but your garden doesn’t have to too.  Consider these flowers that will withstand those record high temps and keep your garden lavish and colorful all summer long.


  • Butterfly Weed - Butterfly weed is a variety of milkweed known for its large, flat-topped, bright flower clusters.  This flower will surely attract butterflies to your garden (hence the name), as they are attracted to the leaves.  Butterfly weed is a summer bloom and can tolerate moist conditions.

  • Black-Eyed Susans - These sunflower-look-a-likes are wildflowers that are sure to brighten any garden. Black-eyed susans are drought-resistant, self-seeding, and grow in a variety of soils. They prefer a full-sun to light-shade environment and require very little care.
  • Purple Coneflowers - Adaptable and easily grown, purple coneflowers are well-equipped to thrive during Nebraska summers.  These flowers do best in full sun and will tolerate heat, drought, humidity, and poor soil.  Purple coneflowers typically grow 2 to 4 feet tall and showcase beautiful lavender petals.

  • Coreopsis - Also known as tickseed, coreopsis is known for having one of the longest bloom periods of all perennials.  These plants produce fluffy, daisy-like, bright yellow and sometimes pink flowers that require almost no maintenance.  The heat doesn’t stand a chance against these tough wildflowers and they’ll stay gorgeous well into the fall season.

  • Lamb’s Ear - The lamb’s ear plant is known for its thick, wooly, silverish leaves (they resemble a lamb’s ear).  Lamb’s ear can survive in just about any climate and will sprout small pink/purple flowers during the summer months.  This fuzzy foliage can also be used as a natural “band-aid” to help heal wounds and painful bug bites.

Complement your landscape designs with these alluring, heat-tolerant plants to maintain your yard’s visual appeal throughout the summer months.  At GE Landscape Supply, we’re committed to keeping your outdoor living spaces beautiful and hearty all year long!


Published: January 16, 2017